3D Photo Crystal Rectangle – Picture in Glass Block

Our 3D Crystal Rectangle brings your favorite photo or text engraving to life within an optically pure piece of crystal. Add a light base and this will make a lasting keepsake or an elegant award that you can display in your home.

Wei Wang under the supervision of Siu Wing Or and Haosu Luo prepared PIN-PMN-PT single-crystal rectangular beams for mode-coupling studies, analyzing their bandstructure both theoretically and experimentally.

Horizontal Photo or Personalized Quote

Unlike standard trophies where engraving sits on the surface of the award iMAAGE 3D Crystal use the latest in laser technology to engrave stunning 3D models, logos, text and images deep inside beautiful optical crystal. This innovative process creates a mesmerising look that can be viewed from every angle. This makes the product ideal for a wide variety of corporate and promotional products such as crystal trophies, memorabilia, gift awards, etc.

Personalized 3D photo crystal gifts are also great for celebrating special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, remembrances and more. They make a thoughtful gift that can be engraved with a personalized message or quote that would suit the occasion and will leave your loved ones spellbound.

Browse through the 3D Crystal Gifts catalogue at Presto Gifts and pick a suitable 3D crystal gift that includes a personal picture or a meaningful quote. Add the product to cart and make payment online. The gift will be delivered along with a light base to your doorstep within the specified time frame.

Add a Light Base

Illuminate your 3D crystal photos and bring them to life with a sleek LED light base. Available in several styles, finishes, and sizes, these accessories will do wonders to enhance the overall display of your unique keepsake.

This black base features white LEDs to highlight the finer details of your 3D photo crystal engraving. It is supplied with an AC adaptor and can be plugged directly into power sockets.

A night light with a beautiful etching of loved ones smiling over you is a great comfort at bedtime and will make waking up much more pleasant. Illuminate your photo crystal with a stylish base and transform it into an eye-catching piece of art that will be the envy of everyone who sees it.

Give this etched train or tower-shaped photo crystal to friends and family for birthday, wedding, valentine’s day, Christmas, mother’s day, father’s day, graduation or remembrance gift. Engrave a special message or quote for added personalization and make it a gift that will be treasured for years to come.

Optically Pure Crystal

A crystal is a solid material composed of atoms or molecules that are arranged in a highly ordered, pure manner. The atomic arrangement determines the properties of crystals, such as their physical density and chemical formulas. The smallest component of a crystal is a unit cell.

The atoms in the unit cells are arranged in a repeating pattern that forms a crystal lattice. The coordinates of atoms in the x-direction of a given unit cell can be found by calculating the intercepts of the unit cell plane with each of the three crystal axes (a1, a2, and a3) and dividing the results by a scalar to convert them to fractional coordinates.

When a crystal has high symmetry, such as monoclinic, the coordinates are easy to calculate. However, with lower symmetries such as triclinic or monoclinic, it is more difficult to express the repetition of the crystal structure in Cartesian space. For this reason, a number of methods have been used to estimate the crystal outline from image data.

Engraving Options

The technology behind our 3D laser etching allows us to place a design inside of solid crystal. As a result, our customers have endless possibilities when it comes to personalized awards and recognition pieces.

Our engraved photo pendants are the perfect gift for loved ones that you want to remember all the time. Engraved in crystal, a cherished portrait of a friend or relative can be worn around their neck and remind them of you each time they look at it.

This horizontally oriented crystal is ideal for family pictures and wedding anniversaries, but also makes a unique gift for Mother’s Day or birthdays. Personalize it with text engraving or a light base to create an even more thoughtful present that will bring a smile to their face each time they see it. It also makes a great gift for employees on their special achievement or promotion. They will love to show it off to friends and colleagues!