How a Virtual Business Phone System Can Help Your Business

If you need a virtual business phone system, look for one with good reviews. Unlike traditional systems, which require installation, these cloud-based systems allow your team to manage phone numbers and features remotely.

Enhanced call analytics provide important information about your team’s performance. For example, you can use call recordings to review agents’ call history and identify areas for improvement.


A virtual business phone system uses a VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) connection and can be installed on your desktop computer, laptop or mobile apps in just a few minutes. It requires no hardware or long-term contracts. It can be used by multiple devices with a single phone number and is compatible with CRM systems to streamline call-center operations. Using data-driven reporting, it can help businesses improve their day-to-day operations and bottom line.

Many virtual business phone system providers offer add-on features to customize a solution for your company’s specific needs. For example, you can choose to include voicemail-to-email functionality, which translates audio recordings or transcripts of voicemail messages into email inboxes for easy access. You can also choose to integrate the virtual phone system with other productivity tools, such as ticketing systems and team communication platforms. These tools help increase productivity and customer service. They can also save you money on phone bills by eliminating the need for expensive desk phones.

Easy to manage

Small businesses that don’t have the budget to hire staff to answer calls may want to look into a virtual phone system. These systems offer automated greetings and call routing to avoid missed sales opportunities. They also allow users to track call data, including response rates, peak demand hours, and more.

Companies like Grasshopper provide virtual business phone systems that work with your current mobile phones, allowing you to add a business number and use features such as voicemail-to-text without investing in additional hardware. The service has two simple plans and a variety of add-on options to customize your solution.

Callqueue is another virtual business phone system that offers a range of call management features, such as ring groups and queues, simultaneous ringing, skills-based routing, and automatic greetings. These systems can be set up online in less than a day and are simple to use, requiring only a high-speed internet connection. They can also integrate with CRM systems and feature advanced text automation for marketing and customer interaction.


A virtual business phone system can help your small business grow without the need for clunky desk phones. These systems work with your existing smartphone, and allow you to present a professional image to customers and prospects. They also include automated attendants and other scalable features. In addition, they can connect with your other business tools, like CRMs and team communication platforms.

Using an IVR, businesses can guide callers through pre-recorded prompts and answers, reducing call wait times. This allows businesses to manage customer calls efficiently, improving their bottom line. Some virtual business phone services also offer call queuing, which ensures that all callers get the attention they deserve.

Most users say they want a system that is easy to set up and use, especially one that doesn’t require any hardware. Our top five picks all provide impressive features designed specifically for micro-businesses, including text auto-replies, mini-CRM tools, and a straightforward well-designed platform that can integrate with other tools.


For businesses that want more flexibility in how they communicate and support customers, a virtual business phone system offers the ability to route calls to any internet-connected device. These devices include smartphones, physical office phones that support VoIP technology and software-based “softphones” on desktop computers.

Small business owners often struggle with balancing the demands of their professional and personal lives. A virtual phone system can help them stay focused on work and keep business calls separate from their personal ones. It can also save them time and money by allowing employees to work from home or other remote locations.

We evaluated dozens of business VoIP solutions and found five that provide robust features at affordable prices. We looked for fast and easy setup, quality call connections and a suite of admin tools that can be used across multiple platforms. We also considered whether the platform is compatible with other tools such as ticketing systems, team communication tools and more.